What does a range calf cost?

TitleWhat does a range calf cost?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsAres F.N.
JournalThe New Mexico Stockman
Date PublishedDecember 1943
Keywordsbeef, cattle, market prices, operating expenses, wartime
AbstractWartime demands for beef and hides are great. Market prices for live animals have been extremely favorable. How long they remain so is questionable in view of the dense numbers of livestock on hand and extreme shortages in feed supplies and protein supplements. Reduction of breeding to the point where they can be maintained entirely on range forage is imperative. In view of the present shortages of supplies and equipment and rising costs of labor and taxes, it is also imperative for the rancher to make a close scrutiny of his operational expenses. An analysis of operating expenses will give a detailed picture of the cost of each item produced. Such an analysis is often helpful in indicating the adjustments necessary in order to increase efficiency and economy.