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Ecological Site Identification
Establish a Transect
Photo Points
Line Point Intercept
Canopy Gap Intercept
Basal Gap Intercept
Soil Stability (Surface and Subsurface)
Plant Production
Vegetation Structure Using Cover Pole
Alternate Method of Vegetation Structure Using Cover Pole

Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health Training Videos

Africa Monitoring Manual Method Introduction

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Introduction (34 MB)
Ecological Site Identification (126 MB)
Establish a Transect (52 MB)
Photo Points (47 MB)
Line Point Intercept (198 MB)
Canopy Gap Intercept (160 MB)
Basal Gap Intercept (180 MB)
Soil Stability (Surface and Subsurface) (155 MB)
Plant Production (424 MB)
Vegetation Structure Using Cover Pole (60 MB)
Alternate Method of Vegetation Structure Using Cover Pole (53 MB)