Rangeland Health and Ecological Site Descriptions in Mongolia

This National Report on the Rangeland Health of Mongolia was presented to the Mongolian government on May 28, 2015. The report is the culmination of nine years of partnership between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s Green Gold project and several Mongolian ministries, with extensive support from USDA ARS Jornada Rangeland Research unit. The report describes the establishment of a collaborative assessment, monitoring, and rangeland management program organized around ecological site descriptions (ESDs). The key to fully implementing this program will require new government policies to manage stocking rates, which are currently being discussed by Ministries and the Parliament.


Background on our partnership with Green Gold and the government of Mongolia to develop measurement protocols and ESDs and an interactive map describing interpretations of rangeland condition based on ESDs and state-and-transition models provide additional details.


National Report on the Rangeland Health of Mongolia (2015)

National Report on the Rangeland Health of Mongolia (2018)

Illustrated catalog of state-and-transition models for Mongolia (4th Edition)


For more resources on assessment, monitoring, and ecological site descriptions in Mongolia (in Mongolian), see https://www.greenmongolia.mn.


For more information contact Brandon Bestelmeyer: bbestelm@nmsu.edu


Brandon Bestelmeyer talks about the success of the Green Gold Pasture Management Program with Mongolia