National Ecological Observatory Network at the Jornada

NEON Site at the Jornada is near completion

"NEON has been actively creating frameworks for future collaborations with U.S. Federal agencies in environmental research, education, and management. These synergistic opportunities will encourage new modes of collaboration among scientists from various disciplines who want to study pressing issues that reflect the complexity of ecological change across the nation. These visible and dramatic changes are potent tools for educating the public about how global processes affect phenomena happening in one’s own backyard, and how individual actions in turn affect the biosphere and geosphere."

"The data NEON collects and provides will focus on how climate change, land use change and invasive species affect the structure and function of our ecosystems. The observatory will enable a virtual network of researchers and environmental managers to collaborate, coordinate research, and address ecological challenges at regional, national and continental scales by providing comparable information across sites and regions."   From the NEON Site Prospectus

Panoramic view from the top of the tower looking east, San Andres Mountains.