Managing animal manure to minimize phosphorus losses from land to water

TitleManaging animal manure to minimize phosphorus losses from land to water
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKleinman PJA, Spiegal S., Liu J, Holly MA, Church C., Ramirez-Avila J.
Book TitleAnimal Manure: Production, Characteristics, Environmental Concerns, and Management
ARIS Log Number362914
Keywordsestuarine waterbodies, farmstead infrastructure, in-field stacking, managing animal manure, manure application rate, manure phosphorus losses, phosphorus pollution

Given the expansion of eutrophication in water bodies around the world, the improved management of manure to mitigate P losses to water has become a global concern. This chapter seeks to frame manure management strategies and practices to minimize P losses to water, with a focus on manure properties, land application, farmstead infrastructure, farming systems. Although many options exist to better manage manure, and, more specifically, P in manure, doing so requires comprehensive approaches that consider factors far beyond the direct handling of manure and require decisions that may compete or conflict with other priorities, most notably profits and time management.