What is conservative grazing?

TitleWhat is conservative grazing?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1943
AuthorsCanfield R.H.
JournalThe Cattleman
Pagination16, 18
Date PublishedMay 1943
Keywordsconservative grazing, increased beef production, judicious graziing, stocking
AbstractPerhaps not in all the history of the western range has the wise use of forage been so vital as it is today. Increased marketing of beef are essential not only for our armed forces and Allies but also to sustain the home front. This requires an assured sustained output of beef. To this end, we must use our ranges to the greatest advantage for all. Conservative grazing is the practical answer. Considerable has been written regarding conservative grazing, particularly the benefits of this practice in terms of increased beef production. We have read about the Jim Black case in southern New Mexico--how his cattle numbers were reduced more than two-thirds from 18,819 to 6,190 head and yet, with a third as many animals in his herd, produced more pounds of beef, the result of stocking more in accordance with the forage supply (New Mexico Stockman, April 1942). We have also read about Al Dick in the Northwest and how, through judicious grazing, he has restored his range to a high state of productivity and has accomplished an outstanding feat in range management, both as regards livestock production and range productivity (The Cattleman, December 1942). Many other examples may be cited.