Values and limitations of clipped quadrats

TitleValues and limitations of clipped quadrats
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1933
AuthorsCulley M.J, Campbell R.S., Canfield R.H.
Date PublishedJanuary 1933
Keywordsclipping method, harvesting grasses, intensities, quadrats

Many investigators have used the clipping method to obtain data representing the effects of varying intensities of harvesting grasses and other herbaceous vegetation. The work of Sarvis (’23), Sampson and Malmsten (’26), and Stapledon and Milton (’30) on crop and pasture plants; and Harrison (’31) on the maintenance of turf on golf courses illustrates the breadth of the field in which the method has been used. In range research, the yield and vigor of grasses under varying degrees of use have been the principal data desired to supplement actual grazing experiments. Many tests have shown the effects of various treatments upon the quality of the vegetation and also upon plant succession.