Short-term water and energy flow in arid ecosystems

TitleShort-term water and energy flow in arid ecosystems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsLudwig J., Whitford WG
Series EditorGoodall D.W, Perry R.A, Howes K.MW
Series TitleArid Land Ecosystems: Structure, Function and Management
VolumeVolume 2
Series Volume17
Number of Pages271-299
PublisherCambridge University Press
CityGreat Britain
Call Number00194
Keywordsarid ecosystem, water & energy flow, arthropod, bird, book, books, chapter, chapters, decomposition,ecosystem dynamics, ecosystem dynamics, abiotic factors, ecosystem dynamics, biotic responses, ecosystem dynamics, energy flow, ecosystem dynamics, water, energy flow, insect, microarthropod, plant, ecosystem dynamics, precipitation,ecosystem dynamics, predator, report, reports, rodent, seed consumer, water

The objective of this chapter is to discuss the dynamic behavior of the biotic components of arid ecosystems in relation to water and energy flow between and within seasons. The growth responses of the different plant species occupying adjacent ecosystems in a watershed will be related to water availability and to heat energy levels. Growth and behavioral responses of groups of animals with contrasting adaptations to changing conditions of food and water availability will be discussed. Plant and animal litter redistribution and decomposition patterns will be discussed with respect to patterns of energy flow and climatic variation. Finally, general conclusions about desert ecosystem dynamics with respect to short-term water and energy flow will be stated.