Selected Essays on Science, Rangelands, and Roles of the Society for Range Management

TitleSelected Essays on Science, Rangelands, and Roles of the Society for Range Management
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHavstad K
Date PublishedDecember 27, 200
ARIS Log Number184469
Keywordsmanagement, range, range management, rangelands, science, viewpoints
AbstractWe are members of a field profession. As a scientist, I am also a member of a profession based on the written word. Often, unfortunately, in writing about this field, our chosen words often reflect the perpetual nature of the environment; dry, dusty, and typically sparse. Maybe it is part of the nature of objective scientific writing. The following collection of nine short essays has been written over recent years as an alternative to this more xeric verbage. Mostly, these have been written to be buried on the 3rd page of an obscure SRM section newsletter. A few have appeared in the SRM Member Resource News. It is my impression that these essays have been read by two people - and I, and another person who thinks I am of questionable intellect and can't wait to read my latest rambling as further proof of his conviction, and who then shares his reasoning with me. I have assembled these into a single collection here to offer an array of viewpoints for readers of Rangelands. These viewpoints range form perspectives on the sufficiency of our science to cultural statements expressed within a dairy parlor in China. The central thread is probably best summed as a passion for the profession occasionally tempered by a sense of humor for my minor role in that profession.