Scaling up agricultural research with artificial intelligence

TitleScaling up agricultural research with artificial intelligence
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBestelmeyer BT, Marcillo G, McCord S, Mirsky S, Moglen G.E, Neven L, Peters DC, Djebou DSohoulande, Wakie T
JournalIEEE IT Professional
Start Page32
Type of Article05/2020
ARIS Log Number372851

Agricultural systems are enormously variable in space and time. New and developing artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools can leverage site-based science and big data to help farmers and land managers make site-specific decisions. These tools are improving information about soils and vegetation that forms the basis for investments in management actions, provides early warning of pest and disease outbreaks, and facilitates the selection of sustainable cropland management practices. Continued progress with AI will require more observational data across a wide range of agricultural settings, over long time periods.