Range Cow Maintenance on Yucca and Sotol

TitleRange Cow Maintenance on Yucca and Sotol
Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication1918
AuthorsFoster L, Humble CW
PublisherNew Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Keywordscactus, sotol, Turney, Yucca

Owing to the overstocking of the ranges and the not infrequent drouths of the Southwest, stockmen in this region have for years been seeking some native plants, inured ot the climate not ordinarily considered a stock food that would help out these conditions.  The experiments in this direction have already shown the value of some varieties of the cactus for this prupose.  The investigations of the Station, conductied by Professor R.F. Hare  a number of years ago, both at this institution and at San Antonio, Texas, in co-operation with the United States Department of Agriculture, showed the composition, digestibility and food value of the cactus, and developed new methods of handling and feeding it.  The results of this investigation are published in Bulletin No. 60. "Prickly Pear and Other Cacti as Food for stock," by D. Griffiths and R.F. Hare.