Partial phyllody of <i>Yucca elata</i>

TitlePartial phyllody of Yucca elata
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1933
AuthorsCampbell R.S., Keller J.G.
JournalThe Botanical Gazette
Date PublishedMarch 1, 1933
Keywordscause of condition, phyllody, Yucca elata

Observations on phyllody in Yucca elata, previously reported from the Jornada Experimental Range in southern New Mexico, dealt with specimens in which differentiation of flowers failed completely. All of the cases found from 1926 to 1931 were of this type. In July 1993, however, three specimens of partial phyllody were noticed. These specimens of partial phyllody, two of which are shown in figure 1, were produced in 1931, probably during the early summer. When they were found a year later, the panicles were dry, the capsules open and most of the seeds were dispersed. Even though the stalks were a year old, they were sufficiently well preserved to demonstrate this unusual feature for Y. elata.