Organogenesis and shoot-tip multiplication from tissue cultures of <i>Atriplex</i> species

TitleOrganogenesis and shoot-tip multiplication from tissue cultures of Atriplex species
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsBarrow J.R.
Conference NameProceedings of the Vth Wildland Shrub Symposium on Shrub Ecophysiology and Biotechnology
Date Published1989
PublisherUSDA Forest Service, GTR-INT 256
Conference LocationLogan, UT

Roots and shoots were successfully grown from callus cultures of Atriplex canescens and A.griffithsii in some experiments. Attempts to replicate organogenesis in callus or liquid cultures from these species and in A. acanthocarpa, A. confertifolia, and A. polycarpa were unsuccessful, indicating that specific genetic or cultural requirements were necessary for induction. Shoot-tips were multiplied rapidly after two months in culture from diploid (2x), tetraploid (4x), and hexaploid (6x), plants and from three different collections of 4x populations. Shoot-tip multiplication is a promising method of mass propagation of  specific genotypes of Atriplex species.