A New Institution to Promote Resilience-Based Rangeland Management in Mongolia

TitleA New Institution to Promote Resilience-Based Rangeland Management in Mongolia
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsDensambuu B, Dashbal B, Ochir GN, Sainnemekh S, Ulambayar B, Bestelmeyer BT
Conference Name72
Date Published02/2019
PublisherSociety for Range Management Meeting Abstracts
Conference LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota
ARIS Log Number361619

Rangelands are fundamental to Mongolian agriculture and society, occupying over 80% of the country’s land area. Concern about rangeland degradation has been accelerating, however, associated with ever-increasing livestock numbers and the breakdown of traditional governance systems over the past two decades. Since 2008, the donor-backed organization Green Gold Mongolia has established a comprehensive resilience-based rangeland management strategy that integrates rangeland monitoring and evaluation based on Ecological Site Descriptions with rangeland management strategies. Management is implemented via multi-tiered community organizations known as “Pasture User’s Groups” in which herder groups and local government design, implement, and monitor the effectiveness of grazing plans. Pasture User’s Groups have been organized into higher levels of organization in order to advance training and marketing of livestock products based on environmental quality and animal health. The National Federation of Pasture User’s Groups (NFPUG) was recently established to sustain linkages among production, marketing, monitoring, science, and management in Mongolia’s rangelands. The NFPUG coordinates with government agencies and international donors, including in the production of periodic national reports on rangeland health and new technologies to advance environment-based certification and tracking of livestock products. The NFPU presents a locally-tailored and innovative solution to rangeland management in Mongolia that could be extended well beyond its borders.