Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network Regions, 2018 version

TitleLong-Term Agroecosystem Research Network Regions, 2018 version
Publication TypeDatabase
AuthorsCoffin A.W, Sclater V., Collins C D.Holifield, Archer DW, Armendariz G., Arthur D, Augustine D.J., Baffaut C, Bean A.R, Browning DM, Carlson B.R, Clark PE, Derner J.D, Huggins D, James D.E, Kaplan N.E, King K.W., Kleinman PJA, Campos P, Porensky G.E, Robertson L.M, Sadler P., Smith D, Spiegal S., Steiner J, Strickland T, Vandenberg B, Van Vactor SScott, Wienhold B, Yasarer L.M.
PublisherAg Data Commons
ARIS Log Number380800

The Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network, consisting of 18+ research locations, is conducting research on the sustainable intensification of agroecosystems. To enable coordinated network level research, a spatial framework is required to facilitate analysis. However, no suitable spatial framework currently exists to meet the needs for the LTAR Network. To develop a framework for analysis the LTAR Network initiated the Regionalization Project. Goals also included providing a standardized spatial footprint for LTAR cross-site investigations, estimating the confidence with which results from research plots and fields could reasonably be extrapolated to "represented regions", informing decisions about where additional research sites should be prioritized and facilitating public outreach of the LTAR Network. To address these goals a workshop was held in 2018 resulting in the production of three sets of regional boundaries in a geographic information system (GIS). These GIS datasets are intended to be used for mapping the
network and for summarizing spatial data relevant to domains of sustainable intensification corresponding with agricultural production, environmental impact, and rural prosperity. This resulted in a geodatabase of three new maps describing regional boundaries for the LTAR Network titled "Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network regions, 2018 version", archived in the USDA National Agricultural Library's Ag Data Commons repository.