LandPKS App for Planning and Monitoring Outcome-Based Grazing: New Features

TitleLandPKS App for Planning and Monitoring Outcome-Based Grazing: New Features
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHerrick JE, Salley S.W, Neff J., Murph R, Mize M., Maynard J, Bestelmeyer BT
Conference NameSociety for Rangeland Meetings
Date Published02/16/2020
Conference LocationDenver, CO
ARIS Log Number372966
KeywordsLandPKS App, Outcome-Based Grazing, Planning and Monitoring

Outcome-based grazing requires (1) defining management objectives that are realistic, (2) developing and implementing a management system , and (3) monitoring results. The Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) can be used to easily and cost­ effectively address the first and third requirements. The latest version includes a soil- and ecological-site identification function. This function can be used to define realistic management objectives based on both the long-term (ecological site), and current (ecological state) potential. Soil identification is based on location and improved with user inputs of soil texture (using a simple key) and color (using the phone's camera and a post-it note for calibration). A direct link provides full access to the ecological site description in EDIT. The vegetation monitoring tool is rapid (20 minutes/plot), requires only a yardstick and a pin flag, and generates the same indicators as those used by BLM in its AIM program (though at a lower level of precision). It will also include a new feature providing access to habitat information for selected species in some regions. Comparing this information with current data and the ecological site description can help decide whether it's realistic to manage for desired wildlife species. The new Land Management module supports agronomic record keeping (including precipitation, tillage, fertilizer, weed control, etc.) which can also be used for planning and tracking restoration and remediation treatments . Finally, the new version includes a data privacy option. The LandPKS app is available on both iPhone and Android.