The K horizon: a master soil horizon of carbonate accumulation

TitleThe K horizon: a master soil horizon of carbonate accumulation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1965
AuthorsGile L.H, Peterson F.F, Grossman R.
JournalSoil Science
Date Published1965
Call Number00507
Keywordsarticle, articles, carbonate, accumulation, geomorphology, carbonate accumulation, journal, journals, soil, carbonate, soil, K horizon
AbstractThe designation "K horizon" is proposed for soil horizons so strongly carbonate-impregnated that their morphology is determined by the carbonate. Though these horizons display a variety of macroscopic forms, and range in consistence from soft to extremely hard, they all have a peculiar and diagnostic soil fabric, the K-fabric. In material with K-fabric, fine-grained authigenic carbonate coats or engulfs skeletal pebbles, sand and silt grains as an essentially continuous medium. The material breaks down or is markedly softened by acid treatment. The designation K2 is proposed for carbonate horizons of 90 per cent or more, by volume of K-fabric, and K1 and K3 designations are proposed for upper and lower transitional horizon-containing 50 per cent or more of K-fabric. Other soil horizons containing carbonate accumulations are noted by the ca symbol in combination with the appropriate master horizon designation.