How can LTER data contribute to ecosystem management

TitleHow can LTER data contribute to ecosystem management
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBestelmeyer BT, Steele C, Herrick JE, Monger CH
Conference NameLTER All Scientists Meeting
Date PublishedSeptember 21, 20
Conference LocationEstes Park, CO
ARIS Log Number206157
Keywordsecosystem, LTER, management
AbstractResearch conducted at LTER sites has great potential for use by natural resource managers and policymakers within the surrounding regions, but in many cases the link between LTER data and management policy is limited. We use examples from the Jornada Basin LTER to illustrate some general steps and research questions that can connect LTER research to whole-ecosystem management (e.g., the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, ranchers). The steps/questions include 1) what are spatial extents, often defined by climate and physiography, within which ecological patterns and processes are similar, 2) what are the key gradients and thresholds in soil and climate within regions governing ecological processes, 3) what is the distribution of potential and alternative ecosystem states along the gradients, 4) what are the mechanisms of transition among states, 5) what patterns and tools can be used to recognize and map states within the region, and 6) how should recognition of states be used to generate management decisions?