Gl28-A New Allele for Pigment Glands in Cotton1

TitleGl28-A New Allele for Pigment Glands in Cotton1
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsBarrow J.R., Davis D.D
JournalCrop Science
Start Page325
Date PublishedMarch 1974
KeywordsAllelism, Insect resistance, Seed gossypol

A new gland phenotype was observed in cotton (Cossypium hirsutum L.) segregating for Gl2 and Gl3. A genetic analysis was conducted to determine the inheritance of this character. It was found that the gene responsible was allelic to Gl2. The new allele was designated Gl28. Gl28 in the homozygous condition (Gl28Gl28 gl3gl3) imparts reduced gland density in the cotyledons, as compared to Gl2 or Gl3, with apparent normal gland distribution in the stems and petioles.