Flora of New Mexico

TitleFlora of New Mexico
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1915
AuthorsWooton E.O., Standley P.C
Keywordsfield manual, flora, government publication, New Mexico, species
AbstractThis volume of contributions is devoted to flora of New Mexico; only the flowering plants and vascular cryptogams of New Mexico are contained in the present work. Keys are given for the determination of the species, as well as of the larger groups, so the volume may be used as a field manual. At the same time, the citations will enable those who have access to libraries to readily consult the original descriptions of the species. The number of species treated is approximately 3,000. Notwithstanding the large amount of fieldwork already accomplished, many remote districts in New Mexico are still imperfectly known botanically, so that eventually this number will doubtless be increased by several hundred species. The treatise in its present form, however, contains most of the plants growing spontaneously in those parts of the state thus far settled or frequently visited. This is the fourth volume of the contributions to be devoted to a state flora, the others being the Botany of Western Texas (volume 2), the Plant Life of Alabama (volume 6) and the Flora of Washington (volume I1).