Facilitating knowledge exchange around strategies for sustainability

TitleFacilitating knowledge exchange around strategies for sustainability
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAney S, Elias EH, Burnett R, Gifford C, Duff G., Auvermann BW, Steiner J
Conference Name2021 NMSU ACES Beef, Dairy and Livestock Update
Date Published12/9/2021
ARIS Log Number392863
Keywordscattle producers, Economic, environmental stresses, sustainability

Economic and environmental stresses on cattle producers in the Southwest, already operating on very narrow margins, are predicted to intensify under a warmer, drier, future (Spiegal et al. 2020). Reduction in carrying capacity of some rangeland sites has already been documented (McIntosh et al. 2019), spurring the need to find new ways to adapt to old but intensifying problems of aridity and frequent drought in the region. Over the course of the past year, the Sustainable Southwest Beef Project’s extension team has undertaken a number of activities to facilitate knowledge exchange around strategies which may enhance cattle production in the southwest under future conditions. Here we present highlights from these efforts. All products described here can be accessed at https://southwestbeef.org/.