An evaluation of the dynamic soil properties pilot project in Arches National Park, Utah

TitleAn evaluation of the dynamic soil properties pilot project in Arches National Park, Utah
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTruman D., Scott C., Tugel A.J., Ward J.P., Parslow V., Biggam P., Fitsimons B., Seybold C.
Conference Name60th Annual Meeting and Trade Show, Society for Range Management
Date Published02/09/2007
Conference LocationSparks/Reno, NV
ARIS Log Number208895
KeywordsArches National Park, soil properties, Utah
AbstractDynamic soil properties are gaining increasing attention by producers and users of soil survey data. Near-surface property data, along with vegetation characteristics, provides soil survey users with important new tools, and is a valuable aid in the development and monitoring of state in transition models for ecological site descriptions. Protocols for measuring and interpreting dynamic soil properties are inadequately addressed in standard soil survey procedure; therefore, there is a need to define these protocols. A pilot study for the collection of dynamic soil properties was conducted in Arches National Park, Utah in 2005. In addition to providing the park with information for evaluating and managing visitor impact on park soils, it was a chance of test sampling procedures, and refine the sampling techniques for use in other soil survey areas throughout the country. The sampling was conducted on Begay soils under two plant communities of the Semidesert Sandy Loam (fourwing saltbush) ecological site; a mixed perennial grass/shrub community (PGSL), and a cheatgrass-invaded community (INL). Vegetation properties sampled included herbaceous production, and basal and canopy cover, while soil properties included aggregate stability, bulk density, penetration resistance, carbon fractions and CaCO3% for multiple depth intervals.