Ecosystem function of biodiversity in arid ecosystems

TitleEcosystem function of biodiversity in arid ecosystems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsHuenneke L., Noble I.R
Series TitleFunctional roles of biodiversity: A global perspective
Number of Pages99-128
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd
CityNew York
Accession NumberJRN00208
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Keywordsbiodiversity, ecosystem, book, books, chapter, chapters, ecosystem dynamics, abiotic factors, ecosystem dynamics, biotic responses, ecosystem dynamics, invertebrates, ecosystem dynamics, water, ecosystem function, ecosystem, biodiversity, ecosystem, fungal community, ecosystem, plant production, ecosystem, processes, ecosystem, soil microorganisms, grazing, ecosystem function, plant production, report, reports, soil nutrients, soil structure
AbstractOur discussion applies to both so-called hot or semi-tropical deserts and to cool or temperate arid zones; we exclude from discussion the polar deserts, where temperature constrains plant growth during most of the year. We recognize that aridity may arise from different combinations of regional climate, topography, and so on.... In this chapter we focus on a description of the nature and function of biodiversity, at several levels of organization, within these systems.