Ecology of small desert playas

TitleEcology of small desert playas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsLoring S.J, MacKay WP, Whitford WG
Series EditorThames J.L, Ziebell C.D(eds.)
Series TitleSmall Water Impoundments in Semi-arid Regions
Number of Pages89-113
PublisherUniversity of New Mexico Press
CityAlbuquerque, New Mexico
ISBN Number0826310532; ISBN-13: 9780826310538
Accession NumberJRN00075
Call Number00183
Keywordsamphibian, playa, book, books, chapter, chapters, ecology, playa, invertebrate, playa, nutrient cycling, playa, playa, amphibians, playa, food web, playa, invertebrates, playa, life cycle, playa, nutrient cycling, report, reports, transect, amphibians, transect, invertebrates, transect, nutrient cycling, transect, playa
AbstractData from a playa located in New Mexico were compared to earlier data and those from other playas to identify the effects of flooding. Tests of hydrology and chemistry showed the following: water loss to percolation and evaporation; potassium concentrations were higher than those for sodium; and neither the playa water nor soil had a significant increase in chemical compounds from the drainage area following flooding.