The cost of a range calf

TitleThe cost of a range calf
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1927
AuthorsSchoeller J.D.
JournalAmerican Cattle Producer
Date Published1927
Keywordsbusiness, cattle, range
AbstractThe problem which first, last and always concerns the cowman, as well as any individual engaged in any line of business, is none other than the time-honored question of making the outfit pay. Owing to adverse conditions that have affectedthe range cattle business during the past 5 years, the cattle grower has not had to worry much about what to do with profits. It has been more a matter of drawing his belt up a little tighter from time to time to meet the demands of lean years. However, conditions have already shown enough improvement so that the cowman can at least begin to look his problems in the face with a full stomach. The cattle business in southern New Mexico has probably suffered more severely than the industry in general. The end of the war foundranges heavilystocked due to patriotic efforts ofcattlemen doing their bit by producing more beef. The drought that prevailed from 1916 to 1918 continued with only short respites through 1922 and 1924. Falling prices, often so low they would not pay freight to central markets, increased the difficulties of reducing herds to a sound basis of stocking the ranges. Through all of this, the cattleman has lived in hopes, but the combined forces of drought, overstocking, deteriorating ranges and depression have been a difficult combination with which to cope.