Controlling one-seed juniper saplings with small ruminants: What we've learned

TitleControlling one-seed juniper saplings with small ruminants: What we've learned
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsEstell RE, Cibils AF, Utsumi S.A, Stricklan D., Butler E.M, Fish A.I, Ganguli A
Start Page129
Date Published10/2018
ARIS Log Number350825
Keywordsgoats, phenology, plant secondary metabolites, protein supplementation, sheep, targeted grazing

Protein supplements and polyethylene glycol increased juniper intake by small ruminants in all seasons except fall, when PSM concentrations were greatest. Terpenes were affected by season and sapling size, and were related to juniper intake by small ruminants. Small sapling browsing occurred most frequently in summer. Debarking of branches on taller saplings was greatest in spring. Ten years later, juniper kill ranged from 5-14%. Growth suppression was still evident after 10 years; browsed saplings averaged 13 cm shorter than controls. Strategies to target grazing of one-seed juniper are more likely to succeed if aligned with periods when PSM are lowest.