A comparison of <i>Dalea formosa</i> oils isolated by steam distillation and by solid-phase microextraction

TitleA comparison of Dalea formosa oils isolated by steam distillation and by solid-phase microextraction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLucero M.E., Estell RE, Sedillo RL
Conference NameSociety for Range Management, New Mexico Section Winter Meeting
Date PublishedJanuary 8-10, 20
Conference LocationLas Cruces, NM
ARIS Log Number130989
Keywordscomparison, Dalea formosa, solid-phase microextraction, steam distillation
AbstractDalea formosa Torr. (feather dalea, featherplume) was collected from the Jornada Experimental Range in south central New Mexico. Current year's growth was collected from 10 plants, all found within an approximate 50m radius of the GPS coordinates N 32 deg 40.645' and W 106 deg 33.601' during July 2001. Composite samples of the plants were steam distilled in triplicate, and the essential oil was analyzed using both GC-FID and GCMS. Compositions of plants collected from the same site were also examined using Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME). Mass spectra and retention indices were used to identify 58 previously described compounds. All of the compounds identified in the essential oil were also seen by SPME either by GCMS or by FID. Relative amounts of some compounds varied. Differences may be due to either sampling technique or harvesting time. The advantages of using SPME include the need for much less plant material, more rapid and dreproducible sample preparation, less opportunity for oxidation of volatiles to occur, and no need for the use of organic solvents.