Climate and phenology network synergies for sustainable agriculture

TitleClimate and phenology network synergies for sustainable agriculture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBrowning DM, Taylor SD
Conference NameEcological Society of America
Date Published08/2020
Conference LocationVirtual Conference
ARIS Log Number378717

Agricultural producers face multiple challenges in a consistently changing climate and managed agroecosystems pose a challenge for broad-scale forecasts for yield given myriad cropping and management scenarios. There is a pressing need for integrative frameworks to support and inform management strategies that adapt to climate change for a diverse set of stakeholders. We use phenology – the study of seasonal patterns in plant productivity – to examine historical and current responses to regional climate in the continental U.S. We identify opportunities and knowledge gaps through case studies that involve data products from multiple research and observational networks. Poster # 82205.