Behaviour - The keystone in optimizing free-ranging ungulate production

TitleBehaviour - The keystone in optimizing free-ranging ungulate production
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAnderson D.M., Estell RE
Book TitleEncycloedia of Life Suport Systems (EOLSS)
PublisherEolss Publishers
CityOxford, UK
ARIS Log Number230369
Keywordsbehaviour, free-ranging
AbstractFree-ranging animal behaviour is a keystone to optimizing free-ranging domestic animal production. This chapter focuses on several aspects that emanate from foraging including defining terms, concepts and the complexity that underlie managing animals and landscapes. Behaviour is investigated in light of individuals as well as groups and the key role plant chemistry plays in the foraging process. Ethics and animal welfare, especially in terms of low-stress management strategies, are discussed in terms of production in 21st century range animal ecology. A section on melding animals and machines stress how using innate animal behaviour in order to realize management goals is a win -win for both humans and animals as long as the final judgments that must be made in management of biological resources are not replaced by technology alone. The final section of this chapter stresses the importance of using today’s technology together with animal husbandry to optimize range animal ecology in the 21st century.