Animal control system using global positioning and instrumental animal conditioning

TitleAnimal control system using global positioning and instrumental animal conditioning
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAnderson D.M., Hale C.S., Deck R.E.
Secondary AuthorsOffice U.S.Patent
Date PublishedMay 15, 2001
ISBN NumberUS 6,232,880 B1
ARIS Log Number104883
Keywordsanimal conditioning, animal control, global positioning, instrumental, patent

A device worn externally (or parts of which may be inserted in the ear canal) by an animal which uses a programmable repertoire of bilaterally applied aversive stimuli for the autonomous control of an animal's location and direction of movement is disclosed. Electromagnetic signals and electro-mechanical hardware are activated through a dedicated, embedded computer system, that allows a cascade of one or more aversive stimuli, normally acoustic and/or electrical stimulation, to be bilaterally applied to either the right or left side of an animal as a cue to change its location through a specific direction of movement. Aversive stimuli are programmed to be administered only when an animal penetrates a predetermined boundary. The embedded computer uses satellite position system data to determine the animal's location with respect to the closest boundary line and then calculates when and to which side of the animal the repertoire of bilateral aversive stimuli is to be applied.

Issue Date

May 15, 2001