Adaptive monitoring in support of adaptive management in rangelands

TitleAdaptive monitoring in support of adaptive management in rangelands
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsMcCord S, Pilliod D
Date Published2/2022
ARIS Log Number383637
Keywordsadaptation, co-produ-ction, collaboration, innovation, partnership, rangeland science

On the Ground

• Monitoring supports iterative learning about the effectiveness of management actions, information that can help managers plan future actions, facilitate decision-making, and improve outcomes.

• Adaptive monitoring is the evolution of a monitoring program in response to new management questions; new or changing environmental or socioeconomic conditions, improved monitoring methods, models, and tools; and experience implementing the monitoring program.

• Adaptive monitoring is connected to research and management through the exchange of data; analytical, methodological, and technological developments; information; and understanding.

• We review recent advances in adaptive monitoring and discuss new opportunities for both the research and management communities to improve monitoring in the years ahead.