Adaptation and application of a surface erosion model for New Mexico forest roadways

TitleAdaptation and application of a surface erosion model for New Mexico forest roadways
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsWard TJ, Seiger AD
Date Published1983
InstitutionNew Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
ISBN NumberWRRI Report No. 188
Call Number00437
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, hydrology, model, hydrology,infiltration, hydrology,processes, hydrology,runoff, hydrology,sediment yield, model,hydrology, rainfall simulation, report, reports, soil erosion
AbstractThe most significant source of sediment in forest environments is poorly planned, constructed or maintained roadways. Roadways change drainage patterns, expose the soil, disturb vegetation, and alter existing slope gradients. This study was conducted to compare effectiveness of measures and associated costs. Data collected from forest roadways on four national forest in New Mexico were used to derive parameters for an existing computer based erosion and sediment yield model. The model was used to estimate sediment yields for different control measures. Yields were compared with costs of measures which were provided through a survey of forest engineers in Arizona and New Mexico. Results show the different costs of using various methods for reducing a unit of sediment yield from forest roadways, and can be used to help determine a best management method.