Accelerated lambing: Its role in the sheep industry

TitleAccelerated lambing: Its role in the sheep industry
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsHulet CV, Stellflug J.N.
EditorBaker F.H.
Book TitleSheep and Goat Handbook
PublisherWinrock International, Westview Press
CityBoulder, CO

The cost of maintaining a ewe for a year is often quite high, and unless the returns from lamb and wool exceed these costs by a reasonable amount, a sheep enterprise will not be profitable. Thus, increasing the frequency of lambing or the number of lambs born per lambing, or both, without a comparable increase in maintenance and labor costs, should increase net return. Any increase in the number of lambings in relationship to the age of the ewe is referred to as accelerated lambing and includes: 1) starting lamb production at a younger age, and 2) breeding and lambing at intervals more frequent than 12 months.