Accelerate synthesis in ecology and environmental sciences

TitleAccelerate synthesis in ecology and environmental sciences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCarpenter S.R, Armbrust E.V., Arzberger P., Chapin, III F.S., Elser J., Hackett E., Ives A., Kareiva P., Leibold M., Lundberg P., Mangel M., Merchant N., Murdoch W.W., Palmer M.A., Peters DC, Pickett STA, Smith K.K., Wall D.H., Zimmerman A.S.
Start Page699
Date Published09/2009
Accession NumberJRN00521
ARIS Log Number240829
Keywordsanalytical, ecology, snythetic, synthesis, visualization

Ecology is a leading discipline in the synthesis of diverse knowledge. Ecologists have had considerable experience in bringing together diverse, multinational data sets, disciplines, and cultural perspectives to address a wide range of issues in basic and applied science. Now is the time to build on this foundation and invest in ecological synthesis through new national or international programs. While synthesis takes place through many mechanisms, including individual efforts, working groups, and research networks, centers are extraordinarily effective institutional settings for advancing synthesis projects.